The sunrise is just over that hill.

Thank goodness for the spring sunshine.

Out of the darkest months of hibernation, I have tentatively crept out and faced the outdoors. And it feels damn good.

I’ve been re-listening to lots of old favourite songs & albums since I got new ears over a year ago. ¬†It’s been amazing hearing the wonderful intricacies in some pieces that I had genuinely never hear before, particularly in the higher register – sounds like bells, glockenspiels, triangles and the like – since my ears don’t hear things up there at all. But that’s another day’s post.

Today I’ll share a track from Cursive’s album Ugly Organ that I hadn’t listened to for the longest time. I’m filled with a fuzzy teenage nostalgia every time I hear it, especially when the ‘Doo Do Doo Do’ vocals reappear at the ending, counterbalanced with the little winding ‘cello motif. Just lovely.


So, incase you’re wondering, will it be okay?

You’ll find the answer¬†here.

mkl x


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