Doo-Wop, Sh-Boom, oh life could be a dream indeed sweetheart.

I’ve decided to learn a new instrument.

So, I start lessons on Wednesday, after I get some silly exams out of the way tomorrow (why am I writing here instead of actually studying?) I’ve been listening to lots & lots & lots of Tina Weymouth & decided I want to be able to play like that. So that’s a little project for the summer. (I’m not actually deluded enough to think I’ll master it that that much time, but I’ll give it a shot for sure).

I’ve also wanted to learn ISL/BSL  for ages now (I can only sign about five words at present), as well as learn Tagalog properly – I dislike not being able to speak a language that is meant to be half of who I am. So if anyone out there has any suggestions on how to learn any of these three things quickly and effectively, I’m all ears!

Meanwhile, I’ve been increasing realising that I was born in the wrong era (and the wrong country). My current playlists are almost exclusively made up of Doo-Wops, Shh-Booms, and Ring-A-Ding-Dings. Here’s some wonderful spring/summer listening that will melt even the  of hearts – Mister Fred Parris and the Satins singing (and dancing to) ‘In The Still of the Night’.

The song literally makes me weak at the knees, but the video is really intriguing for many reasons, of which I won’t bore you with now. Just go listen to this and time travel back to the 1950s…

mkl xx


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