First Posting: A bird with no song(?)

I don’t sing anymore.

Or so it seems.  I used to sing all the time.

I was always humming while walking down the street, whistling as I did the washing-up, la-ing to myself at just about every (quiet & not-so-quiet) moment. On rare occasions I have been known to sing out loud; (bad) karaoke at parties, various tinklings in musical experiments. I especially got a great kick out of belting out hymns at church services when I was little. It has recently come to my attention that it’s been the longest time since my voice has made a musical utterance of any kind. Not since I’ve moved over here – to a new college, new city, new country. And that worries me slightly…

So. I’ve wanted to write a blog for a long time. I’ve kept journals since I was little, & I do love to write. As much as I love to read, cook, dance, eat… But they are all things I don’t do quite so much of theses days, depressingly so (except for the eating part alas). I’m determined to use my time better, fuller, more creatively, & to overcome the silly fears that keep me from being the person I could be. [I realise this reads terribly like some kinda oath to join the girl guides or something… not my intention!]  I think writing in this private (yet public) way will help me keep track of my life & help me not want to run & jump when I get overwhelmed by the newness/sadness/lonesomeness of it all.

I know I’m over a month late on starting new years resolutions (I’ve never been very good at making deadlines). I’m not even really sure how this whole blog world works. But if you want to read on, I will be sharing with you some thoughts on trying to call England home,  the joys of returning (my poor brain) to education, figuring out the logistics of long-distance love & eventual wedding-planning, & most importantly, a little light music…

To help me get my voice back, here’s PS22 Chorus summing up how I feel right about now:

“Home is where I want to be/ Pick me up & turn me round/ I feel numb/Born with a weak heart/I guess I must be having fun”

Til next time,

mkl xx


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