After a magical, Disney-like break, it’s hi-diddely-ho and back to work we go

Today I was woken up to an incredibly lovely text message from himself, addressing me as the ‘wife-to-be’. Joy!

I must say, it does keep me going here knowing there’ll be some kinda mega party/wedding at some stage to look forward to. Anyway, I’m back into diary mode and want to map out where my head is at these days. It seems like it might be easier to do this with illustrations. So here goes.

After a whirlwind visit home (literally trekked around the country to catch up with as many loved ones as possible) I’m settling back to PhD land and determined to get some actual work done. While at home I did the usual: fun-filled picnics galore, knacker drinking in the park, caught a gig or two, plus unusually (for me) climbed a stunningly beautiful hillock or two. [Here’s the proof incase you don’t believe me.]

I caught up with a dear friend for a mere 24-hours, and we road-tripped to the beach. Check out the Irish Sea from here! (She is the dot in the water. Crazy fool, it was about 6 degrees).

And I got to hug all of my family, most of my soon-to-be family and my BFF’s, as well as being phone and Internet free for a week so really, it was a pretty great holiday.

As with all good things, my sojourn home came to an end far too quickly and I spent the last day of my holiday sulking and feeling sorry for myself. Quite a wasted feeling but it seems to be the way it goes. I remember a seminar I had as a MA student where we sat around a table with the score for Handel‘s opera Giulio Cesare. There’s an aria ‘Son nata a lagrimar’ that we looked at in some detail where a mother and son sing what has to be one of the most achingly beautiful pieces ever written. I remember the lecturer trying to explain his reading of the duet. He likened it to saying goodbye to a loved one at a train station and feeling wretched because you were missing that person even before they’d gone. At the time I had no idea what he was on about. Now, it is just plain annoying wasting precious times feeling sad about missing someone when they are still in your presence.
Anyway, have a listen and see what you think. Does your heart plummet as much as mine when the two voices intertwine?

But not to put a dampener on things. I really had a kick-ass time at home and it was just the kick-up-the-behind I needed to get me into work mode. Got my first proper conference paper to write (more on this later), a public engagement talk to give, my first London conference to attend, and a four-year anniversary/one-year engagement anniversary to celebrate all in the next four weeks. YAYY!!

So I will love you and leave you with a sunset over Kildare as viewed from one of the many bus trips I took during the Easter holidays. Despite all the misery guts, recession speak, and general depressive air that blows around the country, you could be in far worse places than Ireland (when the sun is shining)…

xx mkl


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